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Herbal Medicinal Plants | Waru Leaf

Waru tree is the type of trunked tropical trees are often grown in the coastal areas that are not waterlogged. waru leaves (Hibisci tiliaceus) contain of saponin, flafonoid, and polifenol. while the waru roots contain of saponin, flavonoid and tannin. This component is nutritious to cure various hair problems. Waru vegetation, especially useful to make healthy hair leaf. but usually waru herb leaves are mixed with some other material.

Waru leaves has benefit as an anti-inflammation herb, antitoxic, sputum and urine shedding. Waru roots nutritious to reduce fever and smoothen menstrual cycle.

Here are some examples of herbal ingredients using waru plants:

Herbal remedies for hair problems

Hair care

3 sheets of waru leaves
1 / 2 cups sesame oil
1 / 2 cups coconut oil
3 sheets urang-aring leaves
3 sheets salad leaves
3 pieces of palm plant leaves
2 grains of pecan
1 rosebud
7 jasmine bud

Boil two liters of water until boiling. Heat sesame oil and coconut oil until boiling. and enter into the pot with dual liter of water that has been previously boiled. enter the material, and let it for 15 minutes. After that lift, filtered and make cold. Apply this herbal concoction on the scalp until evenly, while massaged approximately 10 minutes. Do it before sleep the night.

the hair fall out

60 grams of aloe vera leaves the skin peeled.
30 grams of mangkokan leaves
30 grams waru young leaves.
50 grams of warm hazelnut oil

Refine all ingredients. Add warm hazelnut oil, poke to the average. Apply on the scalp and hair evenly. Let it for few minutes, and then rinse to clean.

Hair fertilizer

15 waru young leaves
1 cup water

Squeeze waru young leaves with 1 cup water to a jellylike. Press and then filtered using a clean cloth. Condenseded this fluid for one night. At the morning use this liquids to wet the hair and scalp. Cool head and the hair will grow fertile.

Herbal remedies for cough

Wash waru 10 pieces of fresh leaves, chopped as needed. Add 3 cup of water, then boiled until the remaining 3 / 4 part. After a cold, filter it. Drink this herbal ingredient 3 times a day, each 1 / 3 part. Before drinking, add honey as much as you like.

Other ways: 10 sheets of waru young leaf, clean up. Add sugar stone as big as quail eggs. Add 3 glasses of clean water, and boiled water until the remaining 3 / 4 part. After it getting cold, filter it. Drink the water 3 times a day, each 1 / 3 part.

Herbal remedies to cure pain when urinating, on children

Washing waru 5 pieces of fresh leaves, add the fennel and pulosari as much as needed. Then mill it until smooth. Use this dough as paste (tapel-java) that are placed on the bottom of the stomach.

Herbal remedies to cure ulcer

Wash 5 waru fresh leaves, mill until smooth. Add water and salt as much as needed until the dough becomes like porridge. Apply it surrounding the ulcer. And bandage with wound dressing. Change ingredients 2-3 times a day.

Compared with 10 years ago, the population of waru tree has been reduced. fortunately this plant does not need too much water, so that is relatively easy to be cultivated. The plant development is still limited to the product mix some shampoo. While the property for drugs has not been developed further.



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