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Herbal Medicinal Plants | Nutmeg Fruits (Myristica fragrans Houtt)

In Europe, nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) used as a warming beverage for body. This drink is consumed during winter.

Nutmeg came from the plant family of Myristicaceae. Wooden tree with high reach 15 meters. have a thick pulp in whitish color, taste bitter and contain a lot of sap.

Based on the results of research conducted by the National Science and Technology Authority, in his book "Guidebook on the proper use of medicinal plants, nutmeg contains of chemical compound useful for health.

Skin of nutmeg meat contain of volatile oil, samak substances. In addition to the both compounds, the mace also contain starch substances. While the nutmeg seed oil has volatile oil, saponin, miristisin, elemisi, lipase enzyme, pectin, limonene, and oleanolat acid, which is high.

Almost all the nutmeg trees can be used as drugs to cure diseases, such as: flatulence (intestinal or stomach gas), insomnia, as a stomachic (smooth digestion and improve appetite to eat), carminative (expedite disposal gas proselytizer stomach), antiemetic (the feeling of nausea, queasy) , and relieve menstrual pain and rheumatism.

A fresh nutmeg be intoxicating if eaten too much because it contains miristicin. In the nutmeg seed there is a red membrane. This membrane is called fuli. Fuli oil can be taken as "oil of mace." Most of the fuli oil used to various spices, sauce and food preserves. Few used for rube facient drugs and skin warmer, in the form of ointment and embrocation.

following some herbal medicine compound made from nutmeg plants:

Herbal remedies to ease menstrual pain

Prepare a half teaspoon of grated nutmeg, 1 clove fruit, half a finger of turmeric, 7coriander of grains. Boil all ingredients together with a glass of water to the remaining half-glass. While drinking herb is warm. Drink twice a day.

Prepare one-teaspoon nutmeg seed is fine, 2 cm turmeric, coriander six grains, two grains clubs, and a glass of water. Mixed all ingredients and boiled with water until a small fire to stay half. Filter and drink while warm.

Herbal remedies as vomiting medicine

  • Take one-teaspoon of nutmeg seed powder
  • salt as much as needed

Nutmeg seeds powder is boiled in warm water and added salt as much as needed. Drink this concoction together with its sediment.

Herbal remedies to cure insomnia

  • Mixed one teaspoon nutmeg seed
  • A glass of fresh milk
  • One spoon honey
  • Sugar as much as needed

Boil milk until boiling. Mix the seeds and nutmeg fine, honey and rock sugar. Mix, filter and drink while warm.

Herbal remedies for difficult sleep problem

One-teaspoon nutmeg seed powder mixed with a few drops of water. Be smeared in this herb brow.

Herbal remedies to cure an ulcer and flatulence (intestinal or stomach gas)

Prepare 100 ml of warm water, mixed with 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and two fine powder, and two-teaspoons of stone banana. Drink together with its sediment while warm. The treatment should be repeated until healed.



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