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Herbal Ingredient | Anti-dandruff herb

Anti-dandruff herb
Here are a herbs to solve your dandruff problem.

Recipe 1:

A handful of rice straw.

Paddy that contain of protein, fatty substance, calcium, phosphorus, (zat besi) and vitamin B, is used as a anti-dandruff shampoo and for scalp treatment.

How to make:
Roast rice straw and soak it with 1 litter of water. Condensed it whole night long. Filter it and use it to wash your hair as a shampoo in the morning. (no need another shampoo).

Recipe 2:

1 coconut fruit (Cocos mucifera L.)

A ripe coconut fruit that is contain of fatty substance, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B and C, is detected can be used to loss a dandruff from scalp in consequence of (avitaminosis). Else, this coconut milk can be used to hair so that you can comb it easily.

How to use:
Rasp coconut fruit, press and filter them to get its milk. And then boil coconut milk until it output a coconut oil and the oil has been separated with its residue. Purify it. Take only its oil. Cold it down. And apply to scalp. Let it for about an hour. And then you can shampoo your hair.

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