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Herbal Medicinal Plants | Potato

Since 16 century, the potato is rich in vitamin C. because the Spanish seamen carry stock of potatoes for a sail. The researchers at the Institute for Food Research has identified that potato kukoamines, component to lowering a high blood pressure.

A grilled potato contributes fiber approximately 12% of daily needs. There are many fibers in the skin of potatoes. If you want to take advantage of that fiber to lower cholesterol, prevent colon cancer and smooth digestion, eat potatoes with the skin.

Bowlful roast potatoes contain vitamin B6 approximately 21% of daily needs. Vitamin B6 nerperan in more than 100 enzymatic reactions. For example, to synthesize protein and amino acids. It is also essential to form new cells. Vitamin B6 also participate actively in the glycogen splitting that will be stored in muscle cells lever, so endurance is the key body. Vitamin B6 holding a number of important roles in nervous system activity and brain cells. for example in the production of serotonin (when shortages can trigger depression), melatonin (needed for sound sleep), epinephrine and nor epinephrine (hormones that help stress response), and GABA (for the normal function of the brain)

Vitamin B6 is also required for metilasi in preventing cancer, by, press and weaken the poisons that are in groups of metil, and encouraged out of the body. Metilasi is important in maintaining the health of the blood vessel of heart, with a gentle homosistein. Homosistein are a blood vessel walls destroyer, and cause atherosclerosis, and increase risk of heart attack and stroke.

Gynecology Nutrition:

Vitamin C and B6 (pyridoxine), potassium, mangan, triptofan, fiber, copper.



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