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Herbal for influenza

Weather that is too cold and dust are usually sensitive to the so-trigger sneezing and cold, or commonly known as influenza. This disease is quite mild, but it can make you very inconvenience, isn't it? Moreover, when the condition of the body are weak. And then always want to have in bed and rest. Lost mood to do anything.

If you suffer such as the above you can try the herbal ingredients such as described below. To know about symptoms of influenza disease, you can read from Advice Medic blog : Understanding Influenza Disease

Herbal Ingredient 1:

Take 2 stem of garlic leaves, ginger 10 grams, 90 grams of meat leaf of aloe Vera and 5 grains of cloves. Boil all ingredients above with 600 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water and drink. Do this 1 time a day. This ingredient can warming your body. Hopefully the cold quickly subside, and again the spirit of work.

Herbal other which can be used to cure influenza, among others:

starfruit to cure influenzaSweet starfruit

This plant is rich in oxygen, among others, protein, fat, calcium, phosphor, iron, Vit A, B and C.

Pharmacologic effects: anti-inflammation, saliva dissolver, diuretic.
Flowers - sweet taste, anti malaria.
Stem and leaf - sourness, astringent, neutral, anti-inflammation, diuretic, severe heat.
Roots - think acid, neutral, astringent, analgesic, anti-rheumatism.

To treat a sore throat and influenza, simply provide 90-120 gr Sweet fresh starfruit. Being blended, and filtered, drink its water.

ciplukan to cure influenzaCiplukan (Physallis peruvianna L.,) or Physallis angulata Linn or Physallis minina Linn.

This plant has a different chemical compounds, which are known, among others: Chlorogenic acid, C27H44O-H2O, and fisalin citric acid, fruit acids contain malat, alkaloid, tannin, kriptoxantin, vitamin C and sugar, while it's pit contain of Claidic acid.

This plant is analgesic, diuretic, neutralize poison (detoxifies), ease coughing, activate the gland body. In The China pharmacology, is mentioned that ciplukan has a bitter taste and have a cool characteristic.

To treat influenza and throat Pain Management, provide enough 9 - 15 grams ciplukan, boiled with a water as much as needed and drink the water.

Malabar Night Shade (Basella rubra Linn)

Other name this plant is Lo kuei (China), GENDOLA (Indonesia)

Nature of Chemicals: this herbs rich of chemical compounds like (its leaf): organic acid, glucan, c-carotene, such as the è mucopolysacharida L-arabinose, D-galaktose, Lrhamnose, aldonic acid saponin, Vitamin A, B and C

Pharmacologic effects: as an anti-toxin, antipiretic, removing the organism from the blood causes illness.

To treat influenza, use the leaves fresh from the Malabar Night Shade as much as 15 grams, boiled ago washed with 2 water glass until remaining 1 glass. After the cold filter and add a little salt poke up until being dissolved, drunk.

Other Herbal remedy to cure influenza are:

Traditional Remedy 1 :

15 grams ginger and 2 stalk garlic leaves. Boil with 400 cc of water until remaining 200 cc, drink the water when still warm. Use it twice a day.

Herbal Remedy 2 :

onion for influenza10 grams of garlic, 10 grams of onion (Allium cepa L.), and 10 gram ginger. Sliced and then add with hot water. Being covered for15 minutes. After that, discard the ginger, drink this water, eat the garlic and union that is left. Consume it twice a day.

Herbal Ingredient 3 :

30-60 grams of mustard greens and 10-15 gram of garlic. Boil with a water as much as needed. Drink the water when still warm. Do it twice a day.

Traditional medicine 5 :

Press a citrus fruit (Citrus hystrix Dc), add with 60 ml of hot water. Drink it while it is warm.

Herbal Ingredient 6 :

This ingredient use Gendola (Basella rubra Linn ) plant, or Malabar Night Shade, Lo kuei (Cina). This herb has chemical compounds like organic acid, glucan,c-carotene, mucopolysacharida seperti è L-arabinose, D-galactose, L­rhamnose, aldonic acid saponin, Vitamin A,B dan C. Gendola has benefids as an anti toxin and antipyretic.

Wash cleanly 15 grams of fresh gandola leaves, boil with 2 glass of water remaining to a glass. Let it for a while to make cold, filter it and add a little salt, stir it and drink all at once.

Herbal Remedy 7 :

Grate ¼ piece of coconut and a thumb of kencur (Kaempferia galangal) rhizome, mix its. Add with a glass of drinking water, press it and drink it once a day.

Herbal Ingredient 8 :

Take 2,5 cm of ginger rhizome (grated), ½ teaspoon of chili powder, 2 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1-2 of garlic (smashed smoothly), and hone as much as you like.

Boil ginger with 2 glass of water with small fire, for 5 minutes. Add chili powder and boil it again for 1 minutes. Take up the ingredient, and add with a limon, garlic, and honey. Let it for a while, and filter it. Drink it while it is warm.

Herbal Remedy 9 :

Boil 100 grams of fresh ginger (sliced), a stick of cinnamon that has been shattered, 1 teaspoon of corianders, 3 cloves, and a slice of lemon fruit with 500 ml of water. After seethed, let if for 15 minutes. Take up and filter it, add a honey if you want. . Drink 1 cup of it every two hours.

You can choose one of herbal ingredients above, to cure influenza naturaly.



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