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herbal medicinal plants | Soybean

The key of soybean advantage lies in the quality of the protein subtance, essential fatty acid levels, some vitamins and minerals, and isoflavon fiber. Soybean protein quality equal to the quality of animal protein. The benefits of soy protein is that its cholesterol substance is quite low. In addition, soybean also contains fe that is easily absorbed by the body.


isoflavon components, especially genisteun, trimness help keep the body, because it impedes fat cells production.

Research conducted in the United States against 61 men, aged between 45-59 years, showed that soy protein isoflavon and evidently capable of lowering LDL level (bad cholesterol) and blood pressure. While HDL (good cholesterol) is increases. Thus the risk of heart disease and affected refinement of blood vessel can also be pressed.

In the women's menopause, estrogenic component (fitoestrogen) found in soy can also increase bone mass, prevent osteoporosis, so, keep the heart and prevent breast cancer.

Soybean another property that is to balance the blood sugar, prevent kidney disease associated with diabetes, make healthy digestion, ease constipation, preventing colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Nutrient contents:

Triptifa, mangan, protein, iron, phosphorus, fiber, fatty acid omega-3, magnesium, vitamin b2, potassium.


People with kidney disorder or bladder stones should limit consumption of soy, because it contains oxalate. Oxalate can also disrupt absorption of calcium. Consumption of soybean should be done 2 - 3 hours before you drink calcium supplements. Goitrogeb in soybean may also trigger disturbances in people who have a problem with the tiroid gland.



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