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How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Yourself

To produce virgin coconut oil is pure, there is some process of selection. all processes using the material fresh coconut. There is a process of fermentation, provocation, centrifuge, heating quickly and enzymatic.

Pure coconut milk (being pressed without additional water) is a solvent emulsion that consists of components of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and water. Coconut milk can be similar to the milk, with ties emulsify stronger. Nature of the coconut milk emulsion can be parsed using the enzyme or through heating, for water vapor. Can also centrifuge or with the addition of coconut oil, to take the oil components.

Ways of making virgin coconut oil:

Old coconut meat being shredded, and pressed into coconut milk. Put into a plastic measuring 1 - 2 kg. Coconut milk frozen in the freezer (6-12 hours), then diluted with a way being aired out for 24 hours.

In the deluting process it is, oil, water and protein, will be separated by itself. Then the oil can be taken and on the sterilization temperature 105 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes. And then filtered until clear.

Please note, coconut oil has a boiling point 250 degrees centigrade, so that the heating for sterilization will not reduce the quality of oil. In addition, heating also will steam the water remaining, so the quality of virgin coconut oil that is produced will also be perfect and durable.



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