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Herbal Remedy | Black Ginger As anthelmintik

Black Ginger Increasing Appetite
Black Ginger (curcumae aeruginosae rhizoma) is a bush plant. Black ginger relative easily developed, and many found in the pasture, fields up to a height of 400 - 750 meters above sea level. Medicinal plant produces large rhizome, sharp and bitter taste.

Benefit of Black Ginger

As a helminthic (anthelmintik), shedding flatus (carminative), shedding sputum, increase appetite (stigmatic), and cleaning the blood after birth or menstruation.

effects of pharmacologic revealed the influence of extract black ginger rhizome to the askaris worms (a kind of parasitic worms in the digestive) of pigs in vitro, and the small intestine (jejunum) contraction of marmot.

The black ginger rhizome juice can kill askaris pigs worms like citric piperasin. The fluid of its rhizome can press amplitude of spontaneous contraction rabbit intestine (FXs Dirdjosudjono, Taroeno, Sudjiman, et al., and the pharmacologist FKH Section Pharmacology Pharmacy, University of Gajah Mada FF).

based on the research, the power of black ginger rhizome to kill askaris worms (anthelmintik) in the pig in vitro, in fact, the anthrlmintik power of its asiri oil is stronger compared with most black ginger infus juice (Taroeno, Kun Sumardiyah S., and Sugiyanto, Pharmaceutical Biology Section, FF UGM).

the frequently used as a medicine is its rhizome. but in storing of black ginger rhizome, there are a few things to note. after them were washed clean, sliced, and then dried. how good is by aired out so that not a lot of natural oil that is missing if compared to directly after the wash stored in a dry place.

The Black Ginger Herbal Ingredient

25 gr blackginger rhizome (curcumae aeruginosae rhizoma),
15 grams bangle rhizome (Zingiber cassumunar roxb.),
5 pieces of betel leaf,
5 grains of coriander seeds.
4 grams of areca nut seeds.

all boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc. drinking filtered ago.

otherwise, get a black ginger rhizome juice (a thumb of black ginger rhizome) mixed with a little honey and warm water.

Please try this herb, and prove the benefit of black ginger as an anthemintik (exterminator worms).



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