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Herbal Remedies | Cure Toothache

It seems that almost everyone had experienced of dental pain. White teeth do not necessarily healthy. Healthy teeth must be supported by the root of a tooth, bone, and a healthy gum. Dental treatment is actually not too difficult. Self-examined with a routine dentistry, every 6 months. Diligently rub the teeth with the right way and avoid foods that can damage teeth. food that is too sweet, sour and very hot or too cold, can damage teeth.

About dental pain (toothache), if the complaint is not too severe (mild), the use of herbal medicines can be used as an alternative pain-abating agent. In addition to inexpensive, the use of herbal plants is also relatively safe. Here are some herbal remedies you can try, for the toothache, among others are: leaf distance, kangkung (a type of leafy vegetable often grown in water), clove, turmeric (Cucrcuma zedoaria) and betel leaf (piper betle lynn).

Seed or clove oil

Clubs are antiseptic, carminative (shedding gases), rubefaciencia (warming skin), anti-spasmodic and analgesic. In addition to treat toothache, clove is also used to heal menstrual pain, rheumatic, flu, nausea, rasping and influenza.

Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using clove:

Take a full hand of clove seed. Fry the clove seeds without oil or grease (fry food dryly). And then pound it to become a fine powder. Scatter to the patient's teeth. do it until the pain subside.

Pour oil in cotton clubs. Then paste in a tooth or gum that is painful.

Betel leaf (piper betle lynn)

Betel leaf contains of volatile oil (atsiri oil). One of the most are chavicol and betlephenol. Chavicol compound has a strong antiseptic power and it’s anti-bacteria ability can kill up to five times stronger then general fenol. Betel leaves contain of allylrocatechol compound, cineole, caryopyllene, menthone, eugeol and methyl ether. Even betel leaves also contain of vitamin C and alkaloid arakene, which has a property similar to cocaine.

Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using betel:

Betel have styptic (anti-bleeding), vulnerary (skin wound healing), stomachic (digestive channel drugs), strengthen the teeth and throat clearing.

Take a fresh betel leaves the 5 pieces, clean washing ago with two glass of boiled water (400 ml) until boiling, and the remaining 1 glass. Use to rinse, after the water is cold.

This is a very good herb to treat gum bleeding, mouth sores, perforated teeth, mouth, smell, and sore throat.

Turmeric (Cucrcuma zedoaria)

Turmeric containing a drugs compound called kurkuminoid, which consists of kurkumin, desmetoksikumin, bisdesmetoksikurkumin, and other compound. Turmeric also has a mineral compound that works to strengthen the teeth, that are, fe, phosphorus and calcium.

Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using turmeric:

Take one rhizome of turmeric and eucalyptus oil as much as needed. Wash cleanly and peeled. Soak turmeric in the eucalyptus oil for several times. And then apply to hollow tooth. Do it to calm tooth pain.

Take 10 grams of turmeric, the leaves and roots of lemon grass, each of 50 and 25 grams. And salt as much as needed. All materials to be washed clean, Turmeric being chopped to bits, stew all together with 1/2 liter of water, until remaining 1 glass. Drink three times a day

Take 10 grams of turmeric, 50 grams of meniran leaves (Phillantus niruri L.), 1/2 of areca palm. Wash all materials cleanly, pound fine. Add a little salt, and add with a glass of hot water. filtered and make cold. After it is warm, use for gargle. Do three times a day.


Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using kangkung:

Take a full hand of kangkung root and a half teaspoon of vinegar. boiled with 1 glass of water. Filter it, and use the water for gargle, once a day.

One bundle of kangkung leaves (no stem) to be washed clean, and being pound. Give 1 cup of water, be pressed and filtered. Can be added with a little of salt. Use water for gargle.

Jarak leaf (a type of tree with seeds used to make castor oil)

Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using jarak:

Prepare 5 pieces of jarak leaves and a spoonful of Gambier. Boiled with 4 glasses of water to boil. After a cold, filtered and used for gargle.

Virgin Coconut oil (VCO)

Here are herbal remedies to cure toothache using VCO:

Take one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil. Soak a pinch of cotton into the virgin coconut oil. Heat into the fire for 2-3 minutes. After a bit warm, apply it to the hollow of tooth.

Or, simply soak a cotton in virgin coconut oil and then apply it to the perforated teeth.

Remember! all the above ingredients only to ease pain due to dental pain. Head to go to the dentist to get a more intensive treatment.



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