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Rosella Side Effect

Rosella flower sheath including a herbal with many used for health purposes. Rosella has a citric acid content, acid malat, antosianin, hibiscin, vitamin C, protein, and flavonoid. of various substances are the most interesting is flafonoid substance called gossypectine, hibiscetine and sabdaretine, the antioxidants that are strong enough to be used against free radicals, which damage the human body.

Because of this acid content that is cause rosella have acidic characteristic. This acid can potentially cause pain in the stomach, due to excess stomach acid. So if less precise rosella is used or can be considered to cure ulcer disease. For those who have trouble of stomach sore or ulcer, use of herbal or other materials that are acid, including vitamin C, should be limited.

To avoid stomachaches, the food or drinks that contain herbal including acid, should be consumed after the meal. That is when the stomach is not in the empty condition. Special to rosella, you can safely consume, in a way to create tea rosella.

Rosella Tea:

Take 2 - 3 bud sheath rosella is still fresh, clean, add the hot water of 200 ml. Let it for 10 minutes, may be drunk, can be added with honey. You can drink this tea, three times a week. Once a drink is 200 ml.

So far there is no information about the side effects of rosella, related to kidney health.



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