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Herbal Medicinal Plants | Kencur/ Greater galingale herb

Kencur/ greater galingale herb (Kaempferia galangal) including to plants tribes of Zingiberaceae, and is often used as a culinary spice, beside as a raw materials of jamu "Jamu Beras Kencur" (Indonesian traditional Herbal) that has benefit to refresh and health the body. Kencur plants have a short stalk, the leaves a bit wide, and a purple flowers. Kencur content of volatile (atsiri) oil (borneol, camphor, cineol, etilalcohol).

Kencur/ greater galingale herb have the property as a sputum shedding (expectorant), or clear the throat, the mucus that clog the nose, to the body, helps remove gas from the stomach, and to clear the voice.

Kencur also often used for medicinal bruise, sprain, stiff, stiff and swollen.

Further development of the show, kencur also can be used to cure asthma, rheumatism, cold, and cough. various laboratory reveal tests, kencur rhizome contain of starch (4.14%), minerals (13.73%), and volatile oil (atsiri) (0.02%) sineol form, kanil, metil acid and Penta dekaan, sinamik acid, ethyl aster, borneol , kamfene, paraeumarin, anisic acid, alkaloid, and Gom.

Here are some recipes using kencur as a herbal treatment for various purposes:

Herbal remedies for Asthma

Take three rhizomes of kencur/ greater galingale herb that are still fresh, about 30 grams. Once washed clean, then shredded and pressed. Kencur water is then mixed with two-tablespoon of honey and a locally grown chicken egg. Shake ingredients are then let it briefly, and drink it.

Herbal remedies for fatigue

Take one rhizome of kencur which is still fresh and quite large. Roughly sliced. Take one spoon of rice flour that has been soaked in water about 1 hour, and one-piece palm sugar or coconut sugar, and one finger joint tamarind. All materials and then be added with a glass (250 cc) of hot water, blender it, and then being filtered. Drink the ingredient. For maximum results, do three times a day.

Herbal remedies for rheumatism

One ounce of kencur / greater galingale herb, 1 / 2 ounce kedawung seeds, and 1 / 2 ounce of ginger (diced), and 1 ounce of rice powder. All material boiled with two glasses of water to stay a glass. Once appointed, wait until hot, then filtered. Add lemon and one-teaspoon of honey. Drink this concoction twice a day, each half a glass.

Herbal remedies for cold

To treat a cold, a thumbs of kencur / greater galingale herb rhizome, peeled finely, and eaten with salt as much as needed. Then drink one glass of warm freshwater water. This can be done two times a day.

Herbal remedies for smoothen the menstruation

Prepare two thumb of kencur rhyzome, one sheet of trengguli leaf, one sheet of old clove fruit seeds, and adas pulawaras as much as needed. Kencur / greater galingale herb is chopped, then mixed with other materials. Boil in three glasses of water and boil until only two glasses. Filter and drink twice a day, each a glass.

Herbal remedies for diarrhea

Two thumbs of kencur rhizome being shredded, add salt as much as needed. press and filter it, then apply to the stomach as a powder.

Herbal remedies for water bug

Take a kencur rhizome (large enough), then be split. rub in between the legs that is exposed by a water bug..

Herbal remedies for headache

Take 3 - 5 sheets of kencur leaf, pound it until smooth, and then apply (as a compress) to the forehead.

In fact many kencur / greater galingale herb property has not been revealed. A research conducted by the University of Airlangga, Surabaya, state the benefits of kencur as a natural sun screen. P-ethyl compound and metoksisinamat of kencur shows the activity as a sun screen, although less eligible because most are dissolved in the water and cause irritation. Read more any posts in the "Herbal Skin Care | Kencur / greater galingale herb as a Natural Sunscreen".



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