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Herbal Skin Care | Kencur / greater galingale herb as a Natural Sunscreen

A research conducted by the University of Airlangga, Surabaya benefit kencur (Kaempferia galangal) as a natural sun screen. P-ethyl compound and metoksisinamat of kencur shows the activity as a sun screen, although less eligible because most are dissolved in the water and cause irritation.

This research aims to utilize the compound p-ethyl metoksisinamat as a raw material for the sunscreen compound (p oktil-metoksisinamat) through the hydrolysis stage, the formation of chloride acid, and alcoholisis.

Oktilp-metoksisinamat sunscreen compound is the most often used because it has a small risk of allergy, with the use of low concentration.

To know the compound's activity as a sunscreen compound, testing activities are conducted in vitro. The effectiveness of sunscreen compound can be expressed through the active compound content, the percentage of eritema and pigmentation transmission, SPF also be carried out by spectrometry.

Results of research indicate that the SPF value on the compound concentration of <12 mg / ml, including the type of protection at least, 12-15 mg / ml as protection medium, 15-20 mg / ml as extra protection, 20-40 mg / ml as maximum protection, and concentration of 40 mg / ml as ultra protection.

Sunblind solar activity based on the percentage of eritema and pigmentation transmission have any effect on the sun block protection concentration 40 mg / ml.

Unfortunately, the results of this research has not been the attention to be developed further. During this person prefer to utilize kencur / greater galingale herb as cold medicine, asthma, digestive disturbances and strained.

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