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Herbal remedies | Gallstone Treatment

Although surgery is one way to remove gallstone medically. But there is another way to cure this disease without having to perform surgery. That is by using herbal plants. However, this can be effective if the size of gallstone is still relatively small.

Some ingredients in traditional empirical are given in gallstone patients. Some people who have successfully healed. One of the ingredients is leaf Sambiloto (Andrographys paniculata [Burm.f.] Nees) and Keji Beling/Reullaea Folium (Reulla napifera Zoll Mor).

Natural medicine to cure gallstone

Herbal ingredient 1

30 grams of Keji Beling/Reullaea Folium leaves (Reulla napifera Zoll Mor)
30 grams fresh Sambiloto (Andrographys paniculata [Burm.f.] Nees)
60 grams of corn hair

all boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 300 cc. Water and then filtered. drink while warm.
Keji Beling/Reullaea Folium contain of alkali , silicate acid, Carbonate and Trite Pena. This herbs is used as a Diuretic agent.

Herbal ingredient 2

There is also a way to do it with us to drink 4 glasses of apple every day for 5 days. In the day-to-6, do the fasting. When you break a fast in the evening, at 18:00, drink fresh water added to 30 grams of Epsom salts, at 20:00, drink 1 / 2 glass of lemon water plus 1 / 2 cup olive oil, herb and mix it and please drink.

Herbal ingredient 3

Temulawak / wild ginger herb ( Curcuma xanthorrhiza. Roxb.) can also help overcome problems liver and gall stones. I: 1 tablespoon dry powder temulawak, diseduh with one cup hot water. Drink this concoction once a day to maintain health liver.

Temulawak contain of volatile oil like limonina that scent and can kill bacteria, beside the flavonoid has benefit as an anti-inflammation. It’s flower contain of anetol, pinen, felandren, dipenten, fenchon, metilchavikol, anisaldehide, anisat acid, chamfer and fatty oil.
Temulawak has some pharmacologic effect like anti constipation, acnevulgaris, anti-inflammntion and anti hepatotoksic, laktagoga, kolagoga, tonic, diuretics, fungstatic and bakteriostatic.

Of course, we still recommend that you consult with your doctor. Make low-fat dietary pattern, because fat causes the gall bladder work harder. Keep body weight that is not too fat and avoid foods that can potentially interfere with the digestion.

Therefore, our suggestion, I hope this information is useful to help cure gallstone disease in a way natural.



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