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Herbs | Benefit of Lime

lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
Plants, lime (Citrus aurantifolia) of the tribe have Rutaceae womb citric acid, atsiri oil, citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, fe, sulfur, vitamins B1 and C. Also the very usefull compounds named naringin and hesperidin.

Naringin and vitamin C has benefit as antioxidants. Some research shows evidence of hesperidin, this compound is able to prevent the occurrence of compound that causes violence in the rabbit intestine and rat bladder. Results of this research also suggested that hesperidin has prospects as an obstacle spread of cancer cells.

The benefit of lime that has been proven reliable since an 19th century as a deterrent is mouth sores among sailor in the UK.

In addition, limon can also be used as herbal medicine to cure various diseases, among others:

Herbal Expectorant

lime fruit split into two parts. Add whiting and heat briefly. Press it to get the extract water and mixed with a glass of warm water. This herb useful for dilute phlegm to easily issued.

Way that is easier to squeeze water from two lime, add two dried clove, 200 ml of hot water and one teaspoon of honey. Once stirred, it can be drunk. Apply to the chest with a eucalyptus oil.

If this step is done as soon as we come to feel cough attack, the attack is likely soon be solved because the actual vitamin c and atsiri oil that is contained inside lime fruit.

lime as Natural Skin Care

Lime has a benefit to decrease pore facial skin, and can automatically reduce the excess oil in the face and prevent the occurrence of acne.

By apply the lime fruit slices directly on the skin of the face and drink the lime juice.

Please be careful for people with sensitive skin. Start to spread lime in slowly from the area around the nose with a pore large pore.

lime juice that can be lubricated regularly to help expedite the peeling process of the dead skin cells regularly, and so the skin looks to be bright and healthy.

Apply directly on the skin of the face, but please clean your face first. After being pressed, do not discard the remaining lime water, but we can use to wipe fingers of the hands and feet. If this is done regularly, then we will have a nail and the skin clean, soft and fragrant.

Beware! Because the oil in the lime is phototoxic, meaning the skin that has been oiled with lime can burned when radiated by the sun directly.

Skin care post-birth belly

Make a cleaner ingredients of a mixture of lime juice mixed with lime Gambier and eucalyptus oil. Polishing compound to the skin of the belly of a post-birth mother regularly at least twice daily after bathing for 30 days, to tighten and smooth skin stomach come back (like before pregnancy).

Natural lime as Oily hair Care

Oily hair is always better than dry hair. However, the excess oil on the hair can cause hair looks dull and dirty. To overcome quite easily. After you shampoo the hair with shampoo, Rinse your hair with water that is mixed with lime extract. Massage your scalp a light. Optimal results will be obtained when we rinse the hair with warm water and end with cold water.

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