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Herbal Remedies | Sunflower, a Analgesic Herb

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) member of familia compositeae (asteraceae) is a plant from north America, around Mexico, Cile and Peru. There are about 67 spesies including in this genus helianthus. In China it popular with named Xiang ri kui. In Indonesia people name it panca matoari flower, teleng matoari, ledomata, kembang srengenge, kembang tampongare, bungong matuhori, sungeng, or purbanegara. From Research data of Direktorat Gizi Departemen Kesehatan, sunflower pit contain of enough nutrition. It contain of low cholesterol vegetable oil, so that it is suitable to be consumed by person with hypertension or heart disease.
Some literature said that sunflower pit being useful and having benefit for diuretic, expectorant, can be used to reduce hyperthermia, flu, cough, sore throat, and tuberculosis or lung disease.

According to Hartwell (1967–1971), a botanical and herbal medical treatment specialist from America, sunflower pit has been used as traditional medicines by Venezuelan to treat cancer. sometimes, they mix it with wine.

While, Dr Setiawan Dalimarta a writer of herbal medicine and the head of Service Section of Traditional Medication Development and implementation Center (Sentra P3T) DKI Jakarta said, all part of sunflower has medication benefit. he said, "Its flower be used to menurunkan blood pressure (hypertension) and have a analgesic characteristic. For example, to reduce pain of headache, toothache , menstruation, stomach illness and gastric problem.

Its pit being used to stimulate appetite, remedy dysentery, abate smeasles, or boosting your libido. acording to some sources, Dr Setiawan also knew that sunflower root being usefull especially for urine canal infection, inflammation of the respiratory system, whooping cough and keputihan. It leaf being used for malaria and anti-inflammation.

Applicable to guinea pig, research discovered that its stem marrow and the bottom of flower (reseptaculum) that contain of hemicellulose obviously effectual to block sarcoma and ehrlich asitic carcinoma. "That's why it also able to be used for cancer treatment, like stomach cancer and esophagus cancer," Dr Setiawan said.

With all benefits, there are some condition to be noted when you consume sunflower oil. "The most inportant thing is, is not allowed for pregnan women or breast feed condition," Dr. Amarullah H. Siregar, MSc, PhD advice, a naturopati and homeopati specialist . The reason because, it having a substance named inulin that has functionality to widen and melancarkan organ or respiratory system, and being dangerous to the baby.

But, according to Dr. Siregar, up to now he not yet hear poisoned case to a mature person who consume this herb. "It means that sunflower relatively save. Moreover it contain more minerals, Fe, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and natrium that has benefit for the human body," he said. But, he remind, the sunflower used or other herbal used will be more save advise

Sunflower recipes:

Here are some sunflower recipes for health care and treatment from several sources:

Headache: flower 25-30 grams boil with 1 chicken egg (do not break it) in 3 drinking glass of water until it left over a half of cup. Drink it after eat, twice a day.

Breast inflammation (mastitis): take some flower (without pit), slice it thinly, then dry in the sun. After it dry up, fry it dryly without oil or grease until it overcooked and pulverize until it powdery. Take 10-15 grams, mix it with a few of (arak putih/rice wine), sugar (as much as needed), and 1/2 warm drinking water. Drink it 3 times a day.

Rheumatic:boil flower head until it being starchy, make it cold and then stick it onto the part of body that hurt.

Constipation and urination problem: boil 15-30 grams of fresh root with 4 drinking glass of water until it left over 2 glass. make it cold and refine it. Drink twice, 1 glass for each.

Dysentery : Boil 30 grams of sunflower pit, and then steam it for 1 hour. Add sugar as much as needed after it, then drink it.

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