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Herbal remedy | Jahe Merah (Amomum Zingiber L) as a Natural Viagra

Amomum Zingiber L as natural viagra
Jahe Merah (Amomum Zingiber L) can be used as an alternative sexual harassment healer without chemical elements. The Javanese call “sunti ginger”, while the people of Aceh call it “halia barah”. Jahe Merah is ideal used as natural viagra.

Without the chemical, the plant itself is rich with the natural chemical contents, including gingerol and terbang oil, limonene, 1.8 cineole, l0 dehydrogingerdione, 6-gingerdione, arginine, alpha linolenic acid, aspartic, Betha-sitosterol, caprylic acid, capsaicin, chlorogenic acid, farnesal, farnesene and farnesol.

Erection Booster Substance

Element 1.8 cineole overcome premature ejaculation, while anesthetic anti cholinesterase able to stimulate nerve activity and stimulates the central erection. In addition to stimulating erection and the premature ejaculation, plants that have causticity is able to stimulate mucous stomach and large intestine and reduce pain. Red Ginger also can treat influenza, stimulates secretion breast milk, encourage production of lymph, the body's immune maintain, prevent sterility and strengthen resistance sperm. Farnesal elements contained in the plant is also able to prevent the aging process by stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Herbal Viagra

jahe merah as natural viagraMeanwhile, to get fit effect or viagra effect can be obtained by drink the ginger stewed water. Meanwhile, to increase sexual passion, you can mix the red ginger with galangale (Alpinia galanga), mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia), pepper, chicken yolk and salt.

Finely grind Jahe Merah, galangale and pepper. Then add mengkudu juice and a glass of boiled water.

After that, filter the mixture until you get a glass of ingredients water.

Add salt and poke average. Water in the glass is further divided into two parts and each added a chicken yolk, stirred and ready to be consumed even by the husband and wife who needs it. Can be also added one tablespoon honey for each of the ingredients.



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