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Herbal Remedy | Red Wine Kill Cancer Cells

Red Wine Kill Cancer Cells
Rochester researchers from the UK for the first time that a similar natural antioxidants found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy cancer cells.

Research published in journal Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology March edition revealed that antioxidants is able to kill the cancer cells to the pancreas is the main source of energy penetrate the cell called mitochondria and weaken its function

Research also revealed that when the pancreas cancer cells is attacked, by the method of antioxidants, resveratol and radiation, the combination of these cells die is called apoptosis. The existence of cancer cells die, according to researchers this indicates that the goal of cancer therapy.

“This research has many implication to the patients. The challenge now is to find the right concentration and how these antioxidants work in the cells. We have found an important part of its parity,” Paul Okunieff said, MD, director of Radiation Oncology Cancer Center James P. Wilmot at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Although red wine consumption during chemotherapy or radiation treatment has not been examined further, two types of treatment do not cause the contraindication. In other words, if a patient has done unintentionally drinking red wine in a medium dose, most doctors will not recommend to stop during treatment.

“Resveratrol seems to have therapeutic benefit by making tumor cells become more sensitive to radiation and make the network more sensitive to normal”, Okunieff firm.

Suggestions from a top young scientists in his lab, Okunieff initiated research with resveratrol as a tumor stimulus test to become more sensitive. He then found a connection with the mitochondria provide continuous supply of energy to the cells. Theoretically, with a flow stop of energy that will stop the flow of cancer growth.

Some doctors fear, experts have revealed that antioxidants will provide protection against the effects of cancer cells is tumor cells. But this research indicates that resveratrol not only makes the malignant tumor cells tends to be dead, but also to protect normal cells from damage, Okunieff said.



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