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Herbal Remedy | Tomato Useful to Lower Cholesterol

Tomato Useful to Lower Cholesterol
According to Andrew F. Smith "The Tomato in America", the possibility of tomatoes comes from the west coast of mainland high South America. After the Spanish South America, they spread the tomato plants to their colonies in the Caribbean. Spain also tomatoes and bring to the Philippines, which became the starting point to the distribution of other areas in the entire Asian continent. Spain also brought tomatoes to Europe. This plant grows easily in a Mediterranean region.

Tomatoes taste sweet, sour, is a little cold. A nutritious thirst, intestinal antiseptic, mild laxative (laksatif), appetite increase with the increase saliva secretion, enzyme secretion stimulated side, and expedite the flow of bile to the intestine. High nutritious leaves.

In the rat, tomato juice can lower cholesterol serum level which is high and decrease the amount of cholesterol in the liver. In the cat, tomato syrup can lower blood pressure without the heart rate and stimulate smooth muscle.

In the animal experiment, tomatine nutritious anti-inflammatory and decrease blood vessel permeability. Tomatine effective to prevent the growth of fungi on the human body. Research in the United States, men are at least consumes ten portion of cooked tomatoes in a week will reduce the risk of prostate cancer exposed to 45%. This is possible because of likopen, carotene on tomatoes can be trusted to prevent the occurrence of tumor and reduce the risk of heart disease infected.

But be carefully if you have blood type B, because it has negative site effect for your blood and alimentary canal.



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