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Herbal Remedy | Cure Cancer With Keladi Tikus/Rodent Tuber

Cure Cancer With Keladi Tikus/Rodent Tuber
Recognized the disease of cancer is a disease difficult to kill and be cured. The cancer patients in India can have a hope of living longer with finding plants "keladi tikus / Rodent Tuber" (Typhonium Flagelliforme / Rodent Tuber) as a medicinal plant that can stop the disease and treat various cancers and other serious diseases.

A kind of taro plants with high maximum of 25 to 30 cm is only grown in the bush that is not exposed to direct sunlight. "This plant is usually found on the island of Java," said Drs.Patoppoi Pasau, the first person who found the plants in Indonesia.

Medicinal plants have been examined since 1995 by Prof. Dr. Chris KHTeo, Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons) (M), MS, PhD from the Universiti Sains Malaysia and also the founder of Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. Cancer treatment institutions established in 1995 that has helped thousands of patients from Malaysia, the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and various countries in the world.

In Indonesia, the plant is first found by Patoppoi in Pekalongan, Central Java. When his wife contract breast cancer stages III and should be operated 14 January 1998. After the cancer is malignant raised through the operation, Patoppoi’s wife must undergo chemotherapy (chemical injection to kill the cells) to stop the spread of cancer cells are.

"Before the chemotherapy, the doctor said that we set up wig because the chemotherapy will cause hair fall out, in addition to skin damage and loss of appetite," said Patoppoi.

Accompany his wife during the chemotherapy, Patoppoi continuously tried to find alternative treatment until he finally get the information about the use of the Lin Qi in Malaysia to treat cancer. "At that time I also fly directly to Malaysia to buy tea," say the Patoppoi also biologist. While in a drug took in Malaysia, he accidentally saw and read books about cancer treatment, entitled Cancer, Yet They Live essay Dr Chris KH Teo publication in 1996.

So find the book, so I do not even buy tea Lin Qi, but immediately return to Indonesia. In the book that was read Patoppoi found the benefit of typhonium flagelliforme to cure cancer.

Based on the knowledge in the field of biology, retired Department of Agriculture officials immediately investigate this and search for the plant. After contacting several colleagues in different places, his family in Pekalongan Central Java, reply his call. In fact, they found the plant there. After getting the plant and learn more, Patoppoi contact Dr. Teo in Malaysia to ask for the truth that the plant was found.

Every few days, Dr Teo contact Patoppoi and explain that plants are indeed correct Rodent Tuber. "Dr Teo said that does not hesitate to use it as medicine," continued Patoppoi. Finally, with a determination and prayed for healing, Patoppoi begin processing plant in accordance with the steps in the book to be drunk as medicine. Then Patoppoi contact her son, Boni Patoppoi in Buduran, Sidoarjo to join to find plants.

During consume pollen plants, Patoppoi’s wife get decrease of chemotherapy side effects that she carried out. Stop hair fall out, skin is not damaged, and the nauseous is disappear. After three months on the drug, the Patoppoi’s wife get a cancer examination. "The examination result is negative, and that it is indeed surprising us, and doctors in Jakarta," said Patoppoi. The doctor then ask to Patoppoi, what is given to his wife. "Instead they hesitate, if they have given wrong dose of chemotherapy to us," continued Patoppoi.

After the stories are about Rodent Tuber plant, the doctors also supports Medicine and suggested that developed. Moreover, the view that his wife did not experience side effects of chemotherapy is very hard. And examination of three months should be delayed to six months. But as something that, the doctors did not want to support the overt use of plants as a treatment alternative.

After a while not related, based on the increase in his wife, in April 1998, Patoppoi then contact Dr.Teo via fax to inform you that there are many plants in Java and invite Dr. Teo to spread the use of this plant in Indonesia. Then Dr. Teo direct reply to fax us, but they do not know what they should do, because a far distance, " said Patoppoi.

Then, in late January 2000 when the Jawa Pos review out of the death Wing Wiryanto, one of the reliable journalist Jawa Pos, Patoppoi was dumbfounded. Detailed data about the symptoms, pain, treatment is reviewed in the Jawa Pos, the same experience with one of the treatment of bowel cancer is described in the book. "Then I write a column in the Readers Writing in the Post," said Boni.

And the responses it receives are really outside the allegations. In a day, can be about 30 phone messages. "Until now, there are already about 300 people who come here," Boni live at Jl. KH. Khamdani, Buduran Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

The first patient is a patient who has early stadium of ovarian cancer. After review, the doctor should be operated. But because it has not been charged and have the house pending the sale to conduct the surgery cost, they come after reading the Jawa Pos. Once the plants are given and being drunk, not long after the patient is coming lag and reported that he does not need an surgery, because the negative results of the examination.

From their discussion, Dr. Teo recommend in order to establish representative Patoppoi Cancer Care in Jakarta and Surabaya. So officially, Patoppoi and her son was appointed as representatives of social institutions Cancer Care Indonesia, which is also mentioned in the monthly bulletin Cancer Care, which is on Jl. Kayu Putih No. 4. 5, Jakarta, tel. 021-4894745, and in Buduran, Sidoarjo.

According to Cancer Care Malaysia, various diseases have been cured of various cancers is a disease and breast cancer such as weight, lung, colon-rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, uterus neck, throat, bone, brain, spleen, leukemia, bile , pancreas, and hepatitis. So the research results are expected to spend the billions of Ringgit Malaysia for 5 years can be really useful to the health of the world.

For friends who need more information in relation to the article "Cancer Medicine" can contact the representatives of social institutions "Cancer Care Indonesia" indicate in Jl. Kayu Putih 4 No. 5 Jakarta, tel: 021-4894745

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