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Herbal Remedy | Cure Bedwetting (ngompol) with Jamblang Fruit

Bedwetting disease (nocturnal enuresis) is the expenditure does not realize that urine when sleeping. Bedwetting sometimes also used to refer to the children who failed to control expenditure urine when they awake.

Normally, bedwetting on child often happened during the age 5 - 6 years. During this ages, the bedwetting habits is considered reasonable because the child is not yet capable to control their urine while they sleep.

Bedwetting caused by at least not yet or not functioning of this two mechanisms, namely:

  • Anti diuretic hormone cycle. Hormone that is useful to press urine production. Usually start off the evening by the body, so that the amount of urine at night is reduced.
  • Full bladder sensation. Sensation is strong enough so that when the child is able to build up and then sleep for urinating in the bathroom or toilet.

If the child still bedwetting in the age of 6 years, the checks must be done, because there may be a problem in the second case above. Bedwetting also caused by the descendants disease and some disease such as bladder infections, metabolic disturbances (early age diabetes), or due to interference in the spinal cord of children.

For that it is important to know completely about the history of the patients health condition, also urine and physical examination. For that you need to consult with your doctor.

In addition to secondary treatment, you can also try traditional / herbal remedy use jamblang fruit (Syzygium cumini) which have the empirical evidence to cure bedwetting disruption to the child.

Herbal Ingredients

Take the 7 jamblang’s seed pounded finely and then boiled with 1 ½ cup of water with a little sugar to the half. Drink this herbal ingredient all at once, once a day until the bedwetting has recovered.

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