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Herbal Remedy | Cure Fluor Albus with Betel Leaf (Sirih)

Cure Fluor Albus with Betel Leaf
Betel leaf (piper betle lynn) has been known for centuries as a medicinal plant nutritious. Property betel leaf has many known and has been in clinically examined. Traditionally, this herb came from India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia is used to overcome the body and mouth odor, mouth sores, nosebleed, itchy and sore, and treat Flour Albus on women. This is because the plant medicine is known since the year 600 BC This antiseptic substance that is capable of killing bacteria.

Highest antiseptic substances

Gynecology fenol in its natural antiseptic five times more effective than the usual fenol. Pharmacology in China, known as the betel plant that has a warm and spicy nature. Traditionally they use betel leaf to cause to fall out fart, stop the cough, reducing inflammation, and eliminate itching.

In the traditional India Herbal, betel leaf, known as a warm aromatic substances, are antiseptic, and even increase sexual passion. With its nature antiseptic, betel often used to heal a foot injury as a styptic for bleeding and holding vulnerary, the wound healing on the skin. Can also be chewed to improve the quality of the voice on the singer. From the results of the research, as quoted by the medicinal plant book imprint Garden Medicine Plants Karyasari also disclosed that betel contain arecoline in all the plants. Substance is useful to stimulate the central nervous and thinking power, increasing the peristaltic movements, ease snore. Eugenol in the leaf are capable of preventing early ejaculation, killing fungus Candida albicans, and analgesic (pain ease). There are also proactive in tannin leaves that are useful to reduce fluid secretion in the vagina, protect the liver function, and prevent diarrhea.

Stop Fluor Albus

Property in a betel leaf to heal Fluor Albus been tested in clinical. This is expressed by Amir Syarif, the Pharmacologist of the University of Indonesia. He said that the betel leaf have the benefit that is more meaningful than the placebo. Testing involved 40 Fluor Albus patients who are not pregnant, suffering from diabetes mellitus, or heart and kidney disease. Twenty of them get betel leaves, while the rest were given placebo. Both the leaves and betel placebo was given to the patient's vagina before bed for seven days. From these 40 patients, 22 people get re-examination, each 11 and get placebo betel leaves. Test results prove this around 90.9 percent of patients who get the betel leaf is declared cured, whereas in the group given placebo only 54.5 percent only.

Others research of the benefits of the betel leaf conducted in IPB Bogor. Ir. Parrot Andarwulan, Msi and colleagues from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology IPB research to take advantage of the atsiri oil waste of betel leaf substance to produce antioxidants. In addition, the resulting emulsion products in research that can also be used for the beauty industry.

Herbal Ingredient to cure Fluor Albus

Take 10 pieces of betel leaf (piper betle lynn), which is quite old but fresh green leaves, is boiled with water until boiling 400CC, and let it until warm enough to be accepted to wash the genital area each time you take a bath. Happy trying!



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