Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Herbal Diabetes Remedy with Fermentated Sorbean Cake (tempe) Diet

As long, the patien with feet diabetes, become extinct with amputaion for the last solution. Today a hospital near east Kalimantan, Indonesia has succesed to reduce amputation risk using tempe diet methode.

The developing of diabetes patient's gash dried up more faster, that it look red skin eruption. It diference when patience eat meat, fish or egg. their gash not dried up but became putrescence if they don't steril it frequently. Also when the patience ead fried food. their gash disposisi suppurate and putrescence.

Until now, pengaruh tempe for luka recovery be in the process of reserch. But if tempe become the best solution, the next observation shoult be done.

tempe is cheaper food, that not boring. It contain protein, vitamin B12, Zn, and calsium. The general benefits of tempe are to reduce colestrol, building bone, antibakteria and also antioxidance.

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