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Herbal Remedy for Infection

Herbal Remedy for Infection
There are several infection fighting herbs that can be quite handy to always have on hand in your medicine cabinet, particularly when you have children living in your home. Kids tend to pick up all sorts of bugs and infections from daycare, school, and friends, so you may find yourself using the infection fighting herbs most often.

These particular herbs help to fight infections in the body in one way or another. Some of them help the body to fight infections itself, and others actually kill the virus causing bacteria directly.

One of the most powerful herbal antibiotics that can be found is Garlic. Garlic is actually very close to a "wonder drug", because it not only kills infection causing bacteria, but it can kill fungus related infections too. And it is rare for either herbal or synthetic antibiotics to be able to do both of these jobs.

Garlic has a compound in it known as allicin though, and this is the natural source of the infection and fungus fighting power garlic has. One milligram of allicin has the same infection fighting potency as fifteen standard units of Penicillin does.

Now, the strong odor in garlic is also caused by allicin though, so if you try to use garlic supplements which are labeled as "odor free", you're not going to see much success with those when it comes to fighting infections. Raw garlic is always best if you have it on hand, or you can keep a supply of pure organic garlic supplements instead.

Goldenseal is another extremely powerful natural antibiotic that can be used for a variety of infection types. It doesn't work as well for fungus related infections such as athlete's foot, but it does an excellent job with ear infections, strep throat, and almost any other type of infection you can think of.

Echinacea is yet another very powerful natural antibiotic, but many people have received the wrong information about this herb over the years. Some people believe that taking Echinacea will prevent them from getting sick during cold and flu season, and this is simply not the case. This herb will help prevent you from getting as severe a case of the cold or flu, and it will help your body recover from the cold and flu more quickly than normal. Echinacea is an excellent herb to use for lymphatic and glandular related infections, as well as throat and ear problems.

Kelp is not technically an antibiotic, but it acts as one by helping your body's thyroid to produce more iodine. And iodine kills bacteria in the body. Kelp is also an excellent remedy to use for strep throat too. Since it's a natural source of iodine, you can put it into warm water or tea and drink it. The tea coats the back of the throat, which kills the strep bacteria fairly quickly.




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