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Herbal Ingredient for Irregular Menstrual Cyle

Here are several herbal recipes/jamu for menstruation irregularity problem.

Recipe 1

1 (java) mengkudu fruit (Morinda citrifolia L.)
A handful of betel vine leaf (piper betle L.)

Mengkudu fruit has known to smooth the menstrual cycle. While betel vine leaf has benefit as anti-inflammation agent.

How to use:
Wash cleanly both of materials and grind them. During grinding add to the ingredient a glass of drinking water. press and filter them. Drink this ingredient twice a day, in the morning and afternoon, after you eat.

Recipe 2


A handful of pegagan leaf (Centella asiatica L.)
A handful of young tamarin leaf (Tamarindus indica L.)
2 finger of turmeric rhizomes (Curcuma domestica Val.)
1 finger of temu mangga (Curcuma mangga Val.)


Pegagan leaf and tamarin leaf has tonicum function to fresh your body so it will smoothen the menstrual cycle. Also, pegagan will arise your appetite. Turmeric and temu mangga has benefit as anti-inflammation agent and to cure Fluor Albus.

How to use:
Wash cleanly all of materials. Fine cut temu mangga. Boil all of materials with 3 glass of water until it left 2 glasses. Add a sugar palm and tamarind as much as needed. Drink it twice a day.

Try this and get a natural solution for your irregular menstrual cyle problem.

Just for reference, you can read my other hebal ingredient about Herbal for menstrual cycle calendar behind schedule.

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