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Herbal Remedies | Tamarid as Natural Laxative

There are herbal around us that can be used as a natural laxative, and one of them is tamarid.

But first lets me ask you ... Have you feel your stomach become coiled? difficulty in having bowel movements? However preventing always better then medicating isn't it?

So before you get a stomach here are several tips to do to prevent from constipation:

Increasing eat vegetables and fruits to get more fiber.
Try to have breackfast, lunch and dinner timely.

Do excercize to discharge feces regularly, every day at the same hours. the best time to do it is about 15 - 45 minutes after breakfastbreakfast. If it take more than 10 -15 minutes, and you not feel to discharge feces yet. please don't be coerced.

Sleep well, at least 8 hours a day.

What should to do if it too late? Uh... its too exasperating isn't it?

First eat soft food, and stay away from spicy food like chili, red pepper and pepper. You can compress your stomach with warm water. This action will stimulate your peristaltic.

here are some herbs around us that can be used to allays that hassle.

First laxative choice is tamarind (tamarindus indica L). Tamarind consist of malonat acid, tartat, sitrat and malat acid that will refresh your stomach. Others are potassium bitartat as light laxative, pektin and sakarose. Tamarind also consist of oligosakarida as a fiber that have special characteristics to facilitate defecate. Use ripe tamarind for this recipes, and don't forget to separate tamarind from its pit.

How to use?
  • Boil a half of tablespoon of tamarind and one spoon of sugar with 1 glass (300cc) of water.
  • Mix them and then leave its for a while.
  • After its ingredients become cold, you can drink it slowly.

To be continue. Be patient please :)

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