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Anti Acne Herbal Skin Care (Jamu bebas jerawat)

Anti Acne Herbal Skin Care
The Chinese believe that acne is caused by toxicity and heat in the blood stream. Some view acne as a digestive problem where the poisons from poor digestion are discharged into the skin.

There are several anti-acne herbal ingredients that can help impede or even cure acne. And here is one of them:

2 lenglengan plant (leaf, batang, root) (Leucas lavandulifolia Smith/Leucas zeylanica R. Br.)
a finger turmeric rhizome (Curcuma domestica Val.)
a finger Wild Ginger rhizome (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.)
1/2 hand full of sambiloto leaf (Andrographis paniculata Ness)

are very useful to help liver function by neutralize toxic inside blood, also has benefit as anti-inflammation.

How to make:

Peel turmeric and Wild Ginger. Wash cleanly all materials. Boil them with 3 drinking glasses of water. After it boiled, turn down the fire and boil it until the water left over one half. Refine and add a few of sugar palm tree or honey.
Drink this ingredient twice a day.

The other herbal that can be used as acne alternative treatments are honey, tea tree oil, citrus fruits, and lemon.

Honey has benefit to revitalize the skin. It may be applied directly to the skin by putting uncooked honey onto ones face and leaving it on the skin for five to ten minutes.

While tea tree oil can be used to impede bacteria from growing on the skin. You can also apply to the skin like honey.

Exfoliants may be used to treat acne and pimples.

citrus fruits contains of lactic acid and glycolic acid that are alpha-hydroxyl. These acids will lessen dead skin cells from building up. You can make a lemon juice, mixed with water and applied to the face. The juice should be allowed to dry on the skin for up to ten minutes and then is should be rinsed off. If one has sensitive skin, to keep away from inflammation effect more water may be required to the blend.

To make it work efectively, stay away from garlic, coffee, or spicy foods, because that foods may cause heat to build up in the body. Daily bowl movements are important so a high fiber diet should be adhered to.

Success depends highly on the individual and the degree of acne they are suffering from. So consult it with your doctor before try it.

Good by acne.
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