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Anti Impotency Herbal

Impotency is one part of Erectile Dysfunction. Not only the physical inability to perform coitus, the disease can also cause psychological impact for the man who suffer it. For these men will not be able to conduct his sexual activities is reasonable, so bring a feeling of emotional minder to become unstable.

A man with an impotency problem not have enough resistance that occurs during sexual intercourse, or sometimes his penis can not erect during have sex. Marriage is not rare to be destroyed because of this disease.

If you are a men belonging to impotency problems, you can try herbal ingredients and following traditional medication recipes, usually within one month, you can recover it.

Before making the ingredients, it's good to know about herbal plants which is used, namely: Pulosari, black pepper and garlic

Pulosari (Alyxia stellata Rest. Sch)

This type of herbs, belonging to bush, ivy, rounded wooden stem, fork, having a certain color green. Single leaf, oval, white greenness. Perbungaan tassel forms, in the armpit leaves, crown funnel shape, the color white. Small fruit, like eggs, green.

Chemicals compound: Andrografin; Andrografoloid; Panikulin
Functionality : Stomachic; Carminative; Antispasmodic; Antitusif; Emenagog

Black Pepper

This plant contains of pepper oil (smell like phellandren), alkaloida (piperine), fat oil, starch and chavisin.

Pharmacological effect: In the China treatment has a spicy taste, warm, slightly bitter and anti pyretic. Refreshment and body warmer, boost alacrity, stimulate sweat secretion and asthmatic medication.

Active substances - Kamfeina: stimulate the occurrence of convulsions; Boron: stimulate hormone secretion, androgen and estrogen, prevents osteoporosis; Calamene: to stimulate the spirit; Carvacrol: prevent prostaglandin, fresher, muscle relaxation, eliminate fatigue; Chavicine: to stimulate the spirit.

Garlic (Allium sativum Linn.)

Garlic is very popular herbal medication in the world. Plant part used is the tuber. Gynecology chemicals owned garlic is sulfur; Protein; Fat; Dialilsulfide; alilprophil-disulfide; Calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C

Garlic has a property such as: Diaphoretic; Expectorant; Spasmolitic; Antelmintic; antiseptic; Anticoagulant; Antihistamine; Bakteriostatic.

Herbal ingredient for impotency:

15 grams pulosari.
2 chicken eggs, taken the yolk only.
25 grains of black pepper.
1 tablespoon honey original.
3 cloves garlic.

How to make:

Pepper or black pepper be smashed finely. Garlic and pulosari be smashed finely all together.
Mix all together. Mix two yolk (chicken should be, not the domestic chicken).
Shake up finely; and with a teaspoon of fresh honey. Honey is also must be real honey, but if not there can also use date honey. After it is stirred well, and then eat up every morning. Within 1 week the results will be visible. But this herb should be eaten every morning for a month.

Other Ingredient:

10 grams of pit of pare (Momordica Charantia L.), and 5 grams of coriander. Boil with 400 cc of water remaining to 200 cc. After being filtered, drink its water while it is warm twice a day.

Beside the herbal remedies above you can also do this:
Take 100 grams of row soybean cake being consumed every morning before breakfast. Or Consume an eggplant (purple color) every day.

Hopefully, this herbal ingredient can help heal your impotency naturally, and restore your sexual activities such as due.

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