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Herbal Remedy | Cure Cancer and Tumor with Papaya latex

papaya to cure wormyAlmost any part of the papaya plants have a benefit. In fact, the papaya latex is available in the entire plant, from the fruit, leaf, stem, and root, has usefulness as an anti tumor and anti cancer. This is because more than 50 amino acids within it.

Gynecology Papain

From some of the research described, the stem and leaves on the papaya plant contain a lot of white latex like a milk (milky white latex), which has developed as an anti cancer. Benefits of papaya latex for health Bouchut proved scientifically, as quoted Society Journal of Biology, papain that are anti tumor or cancer.

Possible role of the uterus by karpain compound, alkaloid with lactose ring contains seven groups of metilen chain. With that configuration, not only tumor and a skin disease cured, karpain was also hindered the effective performance of some of the microorganisms as possible digestive function, so effective for the cause of typhus.

More than 50 amino acids in the papaya latex, tamarind, among others aspartat, treonin, Serin, glutamate acid, prolin, glisin, alanin, valine, isoleusin, leusin, tirosin, fenilalanin, histidin, lysin, arginin, tritophan, and sistein. Together they become the raw materials for the cosmetics industry refine the skin, strengthen the network to be more elastic, and maintaining dental plaque from the heap.

All this time, latex of the papaya leaves are used for tenderize meat, by wrapped up the raw meat with the leaves for several hours in room temperature. In addition, papaya leaves can be rubbed directly on the meat surface. Scrubbing the meat using the papaya leaves is meant to put out the latex (lateks) that are on the leaves, and then the latex will enter in the flesh. In some areas, the meat is cooked directly with the leaves and unripe papaya fruit to get the meat soft and easily digested. Currently, there is the latex in the leaves and unripe papaya fruits extracted to be used as a mixture of commercial meat tenderizer.

Use of the latex can be injected directly on livestock half hour before being butchered, the meat is so soft. Enzyme papain will hydrolysis the collagen in meat, so it forms a loose and the meat will be more mellow. This is the enzyme papain that remodel protein (collagen) into several parts.

Park in the third edition of Family Medicine Department of Health mentioned, including papaya plants that grow quickly and bear much fruit. In the tropics, the first conception can take less than one year and bear fruit throughout the year. Number of fruit can reach 50-150 per tree per year.

If you like papaya fruit, of course agree that the benefits and its nutrition value for health is very good. Not only have high-fiber, papaya also contains different types of enzyme, vitamins, and minerals. Even the womb to its vitamin A than carrots, and vitamin C is higher than the orange. Also rich with vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

More terrible, the actual papain enzyme in papaya fruit work to expedite the process of protein digestion. Protein content in the papaya fruit is not too high, only 4-6 grams per kilogram weight of fruit, but almost all can be digested and absorbed the body. This is due to papain enzyme in papaya fruit capable to digest substance 35 times greater than its own size.

Due to easy and not kept the season, the price of papaya is much cheaper compared with other fruit. Although the price cheap, It has so many benefits. In fact, every part of the plant, from seed, fruit, leaves, to it’s latex, can be used for various complaints. Not surprisingly, can be referred to as the papaya fruit idol throughout the season.

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