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Green Tea is not good for Pregnant Women and Breast Feeding

Drinking gree tea certainly give benefit to our body, but there is a time when dringking green tea must be reduced. Like older person usually suggest to reduce or dont drink coffe when you pregnant. Pregnant woman must have attention to consume green tea because it contain a lot of caffeine. When mother breast feed, both coffe and green tea causes restlessness, insomnia( sleeplessness), anemia and other negative effect to their baby.

After birthing, some mothers try to loose their weight instantly using weight loss pill or slimming tea (green tea) that contains laxative ingredient, but remember that, what ever you drink or eat, it will have an impact to your breast and of course give effects to your baby when your baby drink it. My be we must start to convince our self that there is no instant way to loose our weight, it should be together with physical activity like sport and eat healthy food. By doing easy physical but continually, every day for at least 15 until 20 minutes like walking, or event gardening or other household activity will help you get your weight loose.

Reduce a few of carbohydrate consumption. like rice, bread, potatoes and noodles at least one third or a quarter of usually. Certainly this diet should be balanced with vegetables, fruits and low cholesterol protein like chicken. don't forget to consume less sugar and snack. All of this will more effective than drink slimming tea, green tea extract, or weight loose pill. moreover green vegetables and various peanuts are better to increase your breast quality.

By the way you can try other herbal ingredient, that generally being used by Javanese woman to restore abdomen slimness after birthing. It is more save I think. But please consult it with your doctor, and get their advice, if you're not sure.

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