Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Herbal Remedies | 18 Herbs that Reduce Men Fertility

18 Herbs that Reduce Men FertilityIn Indonesia, there are 18 herbs that potential causes men fertility decreasing. Further research make possible for people to use that herbs as alternative contraception for men.

The Head of Sentra Pengembangan dan Penerapan Pengobatan Tradisional (SP3T), dr Azwar Agoes, told about that, in the Yearly scientific meeting of andrologi association and Indonesian andrology medical specialist association, Saturday (22/4).

About that herbs, among them are, bunga kembang sepatu (Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis L), pare (Momordica charantia), papaya pit (Carica papaya), turmeric (Curcuma domestica), and biji oyong (Luffa acutangula Roxb.), mangosteen leaf (Garcinia mengostana), tapak dara (Catharantus roseus), cotton plant pit (Gossypium hirtusum), cantel (Andropogon sorghum), sitawar (Costus speciosus), dan gandarusa (Justicia gandarussa). The experiment on male mouse and rabit by some Indonesian sientist, show that 18 variety of herbs having special characteristics to reduce men vertility.

according to dr Azwar Agoes (ex-Lecturer of Medical Faculty of UNISRI), that-18 herbs hamper spermatozoa (spermatogenesys) growth, caused sperm maturation being foiled, blocking sperm transportation through sperm canal degeneration, and also blocking spermatozoa depositing. The pare (Momordica charantia) extract, content of sitotoksik composite like saponin triterpen and cucurbitacin, that can reduce sperm cell quantity of male mouse. Tapak dara (Catharantus roseus) has obstruction effect to sperm maturation process.

Source: KCM



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