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Herbal Remedy | Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) to prevent Alzheimer

Disease Alzheimer is a kind of senile disease, which is commontly, happened at a man who is starting enters an advanced age. Naturally, senility that is happened in each people caused by the condition of physically brain declines. But the arriving of senile can be slowed down using turmeric in the form of curry; a special mixture of food spices (or the food prepared with such spices). Turmeric as component of curry flavor that is used in so many cookery recipes is felt able to maintain quality of finite brain of old age. One of evidence is that almost old Asian people still have memory either in old age because they are diligent consumes curry flavors.

Result of Dr. Tze-Pin Ng research from Universitas Nasional Singapura ( NUS) by 1010 decrepit in the age range between 60 years to 93 in the year 2003, indicates that the decrepit which is diligent consumes curry flavors has a higher memory level compared to them which seldom or have never at all. This thing possibly will make inquiring and vexed us. Simply its(the secret lays in yellows colorant (cur cumin) which there is in turmeric rhizome is used in the making of curry flavors. Curcumin at turmeric has a real important function in curing various disease types because the compound can function as anti promoter tumor, antioxidant, and antimicrobial, anti chafes and anti virus. Besides that, the curcumin of turmeric simply also stands in increasing body immunity system.

Turmeric flour which will be made as one of material of curry flavors ingredient, can be made from turmeric corm which has been dried. In consumer nations like United States and English, turmeric flour is applied directly as colorant flavor of food, and oleoresin making raw material. In India, turmeric flour is one of base goods for making of curry flavors (curry powder) which is homogeneous mixture from various turmeric flour types.

With routine consumes curry flavors, will be able to reduce Alzheimer's disease attack risk which able to cause total senility because condition of physical of brain that is always declines. But wrong don't be, at abundant usage also for elderly people can causes stomachache effect , liver or kidney trouble.

According to the result of conclusion of the research that is reported in American Journal of Epidemiology Edition 1 November 2006, express that curry flavor hardly potency prevents Alzheimer because seen from its efficacious and not poisonous. Result of this research is first evidence showing relation between curry flavors consumption with cognitive ability of brain.



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