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Herbal Remedies for Nail Fungus

There are several ways to treat nail fungus growth and problems with herbal remedies, but the same rules apply as always: Not everything will work the same for everyone.

When you have nail fungus, there is often quite a bit of build up of debris under and around the nails. Clean out and remove as much of that debris as you can, otherwise it may act as a barrier to the medicine and remedies you're trying to use. Also be sure to remove as much dead skin from around the nails as you can, and try using a nail file to scratch the top of your nail a bit too. These actions will all serve to make it easier for your chosen treatment medications to penetrate under the nail and attack the fungus which lives there.

To help increase the likelihood of an herbal or home remedy working on your nail fungus problems though, there are several things you can do. Cleaning and grooming are the primary steps needed to prepare your nails so they may respond better to the fungus treatments you choose.

Be sure to do this cleaning and preparation daily before applying the herbal remedy you've chosen. Now, let's look at several herbal remedies which have worked quite well for many people over the years:

Lemongrass Oil or Lemon Juice; Lemon is a natural antiseptic, and it can help start killing the fungus bacteria almost immediately. In fact, using lemongrass oil usually causes your nail area to turn black just minutes after using it, and this is an indication the fungus is starting to be killed.

Apple Cider Vinegar is possibly the oldest known herbal treatment for nail fungus problems. Many people swear by the success of this method, and it works because vinegar is also a natural antiseptic. The apple cider type of vinegar though, also has exfoliating properties. It helps soften your skin and remove the dead skin cells, which allows the fungus to be reached and killed easier.

Garlic is a well known, powerful antibiotic and anti fungal herb that works amazingly well for a wide variety of things, and nail fungus is no exception. Garlic can be used in oil form directly on the infected nails, or you can rub raw garlic on and around the nails too. Take the garlic internally at the same time, and you'll be fighting the fungal growth from two directions at once.

Tea Tree Oil is also a natural antiseptic, and it reportedly works wonderfully for killing nail fungus growth as well.




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