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Herbal Ingredient to cure Dengue Fever

Herbal Ingredient to cure Dengue Fever
Regarding to the spread of dengue fever disease, this is the traditional herb that can cure dengue fever, although I have never try this herb, but worth a try, because there are no negative side effects.


  • 1 fruit Papaya Leaf (*)

  • 1 handheld meniran trees (Phyllanthus niruri) . Approximately 5 - 6 trees (*) to grow in a humid, like leaves when the leaves is touched it will close itself, but behind that leaf there is a spots as size as a rice.
  • 1 segment (thumb) of temu ireng/black turmeric (*)
  • 1 segment (thumb) of yellow turmeric (*)
  • 1 teaspoon of kitchen salt
  • 500 ml water

Function of each ingredient.
1. Papaya leaves, to kill viruses
2. Turmeric as an anti-Biotic
3. Temu ireng cure stomach wound, while increasing the appetite
4. Meniran leaf to raise thrombosis.
5. Salt to raise blood pressure.

Ways of making:

All material washed clean, and (*) pounded, add a few of water and press to get those extract. Add a kitchen salt and mixed it, Drink it 3 times a day after meals.
500 ml herb enough for 3 times to drink, do not forget to provide a glass of drinking water. drunk after drinking the ingredient, because this ingredient taste bitter and salty is also quite smelly.

Side effects from the ingredients above:
Sick people will feel and very hungry and very thirsty after drinking the ingredient.

If you only want to increase the number of thrombosis in your body, you can also make the following ingredients:

2 tablespoons angkak (such as rice or sticky rice colored red and usually available in the market or the supermarket in a China spices row). Boil it with 2 cups of water until boiled. After it getting cool and then drink it.

Or use the ingredient above, without meniran tree: so just use papaya leaves, yellow turmeric, black turmeric, salt and water

Hopefully this herb useful for you all



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